Half-Day Workshops

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Half Day Workshops

Our Half-Day Workshop series allows you to choose from seventeen different specialty subjects so that you can learn about the areas of photography that you are really interested in.

You can choose just one workshop for $75 from the seventeen or save money by selecting one of our discount packages allowing you to pick two, four, eight or all seventeen workshops.

Some of the workshops do not require any previous photography experience and some require that you have completed one of our beginner classes or the equivalent at another school.

If you complete the Basic Digital workshop you will be fully qualified to take any other workshop.

Multi-Workshop Discount Coupon

Workshops Fee Savings Register
Any 2 Workshops of your choice $135 $15 Register
Any 4 Workshops of your choice $255 $45 Register
Any 8 Workshops of your choice $495 $105 Register
All 17 Workshops $975 $300 Register

" The class was fun and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable On Sunday each class member brought something to shoot and it was very informative to try how to light and photograph these objects"Donald W. - Product and Tabletop Weekend - Mar 2012

Digital Basics

The Digital Basics Workshop covers all of the settings on a DSLR camera that make a difference to photography plus an introduction to the fundamentals of exposure.

You will leave the workshop with your camera set up the way a professional photographer would set up their camera and you will be ready and fully qualified to take any of the sixteen other workshops on offer.

There are no prerequisite classes to take.

This workshop is entirely suitable for complete beginners. You do not need to take a prerequisite class before attending this workshop.

Please bring the following:

  • DSLR Camera
  • Any lenses you own
  • Fully charged battery and empty memory card
  • Notebook and pen

After you register below you will receive full instructions about the school, parking, hours, what to bring etc. by email.

Workshop Schedule

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