All classes including live classes series (six months of classes with nothing else to pay): Full Program: $98.50


📷 Six Levels of Virtual Classes (2 hrs once a week for 6 months (or as long as you want to keep attending class), $195 value)

📷 Normally, less than 6 students per class

📷 Personal tuition time guaranteed (100% interactive)

📷 Private one-to-one Zoom meeting if you have any issues with your camera or computer

📷 Digital 101 online class included ($49 value).

📷 Adobe Lightroom Image Editing online class included ($49 value).

📷 Over 300 hours of educational videos included for free.

📷 Webcam NOT required

📷 Suitable for all ages (12 plus)

📷 Study from anywhere in the world

📷 All classes can be repeated as often as you like

📷 Unlimited access to all levels of Virtual Classes

📷 Certificate when completed

📷 100% Money Back Guarantee

📷 If you are not happy after the first class, just let us know within 7 days and we will give you a full refund.

📷 Hundreds of images used in class available to practise with for free.

📷 You may use these images in class if you are not ready to submit your own.

📷 Professional results guaranteed.

📷 You will be amazed at how good a photographer you really are.

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  1. First you get yourself a membership of the program with the Price ($98.50).

  2. View more than 400 hours of educational videos on our website at your leisure (unlimited access).

  3. Register for a LIVE Level 1 Virtual Class (on Zoom: no webcam necessary)

  4. Relax and enjoy! We will take care of you all the way (if you have any camera or computer issues, we will set up a private, personal Zoom meeting with you to resolve everything. No charge)

  5. Professional results guaranteed

  6. You will have unlimited time to complete the classes and, after you complete level 6, you will receive your Certificate.

  7. (classes start every four weeks)
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Six Levels Live Virtual Classes Series gives you six months and more working together in live virtual classes with an instructor. The purpose of the program is for you to become really great at the type of photography you want to do. Ideal for beginner photographers.

Virtual Classes Series - $98.50
This price covers all six levels (24 classes) and more

Image Editing Online gives you a lifetime membership with free updates to our Adobe Lightroom Online class. You can preview the online class below.

Virtual Classes Series $488 - $49
This price covers all six levels (24 classes) and more

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The IPA Live Virtual Classes will teach you everything you need to know to begin your career as a fine-art / professional photographer. You can start the program at any time you like and complete it at your own pace.

The program is split into 6 different levels and each level consists of a live webinar class every week for four weeks.

You will be able to talk live in a 1 to 1 session with the instructor and other students and you will be able to show your work live and interact with other students' work during and after the class. You will not be using your webcam.
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Your membership will continue indefinitely until you have completed all six levels of the series. You may take as long as you wish.

All of the live classes are also recorded so, if you miss a week and do not want to wait for four weeks, you can login and watch the class to catch up.

The instructor will give you guidance and advice on all of your assignments either in the class (if there is time) or in an after-class video that you will have access to.


"I am really excited that I found International Photography Academy. Shane is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. I learned things about my camera in the first hour of class that I hadn't learned since I bought it two and a half years ago and that is after taking plenty of classes elsewhere. The class was paced just right for me with enough time to practice on my camera and ask questions. Shane definitely knows his stuff."

Brewster -

"I was sooo worried that I would be the idiot in the class among all these cool photographers. Tristine made my life very easy. She was patient and considerate and really fun to spend the day with. I actually arrived ten minutes late and was welcomed without a problem. Whatever kind of camera anyone had in the class, Tristine seemed to know it inside and out. IPA is five star!"

Melanie -

"I just completed the Beginner's class. In the 4 weeks, not only did I learn how to properly use my digital SLR (various settings), but I gained invaluable photography skills from William. He is a great instructor and generously shares his wealth of information from his many years of experience. We were able to use all his studio equipment including a variety of lights, computers, and printers. I would highly recommend this class. I feel I have definitely become more knowledgeable and confident in using my digital SLR. I finally understand the fundamentals and importance of lighting, shutter speed, aperture, etc! I am looking forward to the next 'Intermediate' & 'Advanced' levels!"

Janice - search

"I found that this class provided me with all of the necessary tips and tricks to shoot a successful wedding. It pointed out the "must have" shots to get, how to work with both a bride and groom and excellant suggestions for flattering lighting. Both instructors were patient and made sure that every participant had an opportunity to try all of the equipment and scenarios that were "painted". As a photographer who specialized in another area, I found that this provided me with the confidence to go out and be the primary shooter at a wedding. The references provided for wedding albums and other services a wedding photographer needs have been invaluable. The instant feedback with suggestions on improvement were good and the various opinions from 2 class leaders reinforced to me that there is always more than one way to be sucessful as a photographer and that "one size fits all" does not apply. This was well worth the investment of time and money."

Dan -

"I had been looking for a photography class for quite awhile but was intimidated by the 8 week courses with expensive lab and materials list at other schools in the area. When I learned about a 4 week class at only $195 I was ready to sign up! The first class was free and just there I learned more about my camera in 3 hours than I had in the 3 years I have owned it! I kept saying, "wow didn't know I could do that!" The next classes have been focused on learning to shoot in aperture priority, composition, shutter speed, etc. Some of it is pretty technical and confusing, but I am already starting to see improvement in my pictures. The assignments can be accomplished in your busy week. William also gives you his cell phone number and you can call him at any time with questions which is helpful. William is funny, direct and to the point. I highly recommend this class and look forward to signing up for the next series of classes"

Laurie -

"I just took the beginner four week class and it was exactly what I needed. The classes were overflowing with really useful information and I found the instructors both knowledgeable and entertaining. Four weeks was just long enough to learn everything and not too long so that I had to struggle with my schedule. I took the free class before I bought my camera and the instructor handed me a $5000 camera to use for the night. Awesome!! Then he gave me some excellent advice and I bought the right camera to complete the class and continue with my photography. I am already booked for the next class and very much looking forward to it. This place is a real find and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning photography while having great fun"

Bram -

"I have been shooting seriously for about 2 years and have taken a couple classes and a course at my local technical college, but nothing has been better than my two day class at IPA. William does a great job of explaining his photography theories and coming full circle when explaining his way of getting perfect exposure. i am very happy i took the class and if you are serious about learning photography, IPA is the place to go to increase your photography skill and knowledge."

Tyron -

"I also took the Digital in a Day class and thought it was really worthwhile. I was nervous about such a long class, but I was never bored and learned tons. I was tired of battling with my point and shoot, but had no idea how to operate a DSLR. I feel like I now have a solid understanding of how it works and how I can control the outcome of my pics. William is hilarious and puts things in easy to understand terms."

Rachel -

"Advanced Photography Class ... I really enjoyed my recent class with Skye. We explored various creative techniques. If you have any questions about the class you're about to enroll in, just give them a call. They are very helpful."

Vera -

"I just completed the four week beginner class at the International Photography Academy and can't say enough good things about it. I wanted to learn the basics of how to use my camera and this class was perfect. William is a great teacher and really takes time to explain the basics before jumping in to the more technical aspects. I learned a lot and had fun doing it! I will be signing up for the Intermediate class so that I can continue to learn and grow as a photographer. I highly recommend the International Photography Academy."

Sue -

"I am super impressed with this school and, in particular, with Karl the instructor for my class. I had almost given up hope of ever learning how my fancy new Nikon works. Karl made everything simple and easy to follow. There was much more information in one day than I could handle but I took away everything I needed to know for now. I am thinking about future classes but I might just retake this one day beginner class just because I liked it so much. Highly recommended for beginner photogs!"

Candy -

"I came to know of Chicago Photo Academy by way of a Groupon. The timing was fortuitous as my boyfriend and I have a brand new toy (a very sexy Canon EOS 7D) that has proven challenging to master. Enter the $45 Day-Long Digital Photography Class ($125 Value) from Groupon. I was skeptical when purchasing the deal. How much value could really be derived from a crash course in fancy DSLR operations, but at $45 per person, I decided to try it out. Both my boyfriend and I were extremely happy with the course content, pacing, facilities, and probably even more importantly - the instructor. Similar to prior Yelp reviews for IPA, William Benson was at the heart of what made this class the very positive experience it was. We fondly referred to him as the Simon Cowell of the photography world. Unlike Cowell, his was a charming Irish accent in lieu of a British one; however, his blunt opinions, wit, and lively sarcasm kept us engaged in the class for the entire day. Content - Covered the key elements and established an independence from the pre-loaded settings that come with the camera. Discussed ISO, aperture, shutter speed, zoom lenses & why they're not ideal, and the all-mighty quality of light. Pace - While a full day may sound daunting, this class was well paced. We had multiple breaks for getting out and shooting example photos as well as an hour long lunch/homework assignment. I needed a little caffeine boost in the afternoon (Starbucks is just across the street!), but that was probably due to my Friday night and not a reflection on the class itself! Takeaways - an understanding of how shutter speed relates to length of lens and impact on hand held focus, or lack thereof. An appreciation for the importance of quality of light. A working knowledge of those somewhat intimidating technical photo terms. And best of all, even more enthusiasm for taking great photos!!! In addition to the class, you receive a tour of the facilities including an impressive professional-grade studio available to students. I was very impressed with the set-up and convenience for up-and-coming photographers. Overall, the class was super and I recommend checking it out!"

Rachel -

"I started taking classes here in January and I can't say enough good things about it! They have an amazing Certificate program which includes a year of all you can take classes and free access to their very well appointed studio. William and his wife Dawn have been immensely helpful and supportive and they run a great school. In my time their I have learned the technical aspects of photography as well as the artistic. I particularly like that in the Advanced Classes the emphasis is on the individual and each person is able to hone their strenths and work on the particular type of photography that interests them most. I have met some great people and through them have gotten some great photography opportunities. IPA also has a partnership with The Darkroom Bar in which everyone two months two students are able to participate in a show. I will be participating in my first show on Oct 1st, I am exceedingly grateful for all of the knowledge I have gained through IPA as well as this exciting opportunity to show my work! If you have a DSLR and are serious about learning all you can to be a better photographer, this is the place for you!"

Brighid -

"I took the one day beginner class Digital in a Day that covers most of the topics from the beginner course, except for Light Room (it was a Groupon offer). I really enjoyed the class and it was really informative. William makes you feel very comfortable and there were multiple times I laughed out loud during the day, which can be hard when you're learning about a brand new concept. I am excited to keep learning more about my camera and continue my hobby. This is a great place to begin and continue your photography experience."

Kate -

"I just took the Digital in a Day class and it was awesome! William Benson is a phenomenal teacher and I learned an insane amount about photography and DSLRs. I too was iffy on the long day but it really did fly by - you won't be bored."

Michelle -

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