** Read these notes before registering for a review **
Please select a time on the day of your choice and click register
You do not need to come to the school to complete your review
You will need the following for your review:
1. A computer connected to the Internet.
2. Download the:- Windows Review App - OR - Mac Review App at least 10 mins before the review.
3. A phone number where we can reach you at the time of the review. We will call you at the designated review time.
4. At least one completed assignment ready to show on your computer.
5. Adobe Lightroom.
6. If you do not have the above please indicate on the registration form that you wish to use a computer at the school.
7. Times when a school computer is available are marked with an asterisk *.
8. If you use a school computer you DO NOT need to download a review app.
9. If you do not wish to use a school computer you may register for any time including those marked with an asterisk *.
10. Important! DO NOT use caller id to return our call , please use 312-543-8087 instead.
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